Application Security and Network Security

Digital domestic, and international, security threats are becoming more sophisticated every day. As a defense against evolving and pervasive threat matrices, StackOverdrive’s Applications and Network (AppSec/NetSec) services provide a host of programs, processes and products that ensure enterprise protection throughout the enterprise infrastructure.

StackOverdrive programs are driven by the early identification, and direct response against any type of malicious attack, leading to the creation of a secure, persistent and efficient digital fabric that business client’s can count on.

AppSec/NetSec services highlight:

Comprehensive penetration testing: – StackOverdrive’s program orients itself to the identification and validation of potential weaknesses including:

– Applications structures
– Feature/function applications layers
– Socialized networks
– Ruggedized infrastructures

In-depth source code review: StackOverdrive’s code review program delivers elemental investigations relating to the potential of threats or operating weaknesses at the code level

Comprehensive code auditing: StackOverdrive’s code audit program involves an interest in securing code at the mobile and web levels. The program is structured to ensure that OWASP compliance is applied throughout

Third-party vulnerability: StackOverdrive’s third-party investigations ensure that security compliance is maintained whenever external operations are involved

Passive or in-direct attack regimes: StackOverdrive’s security program includes the defeat of threats involving phishing and spear processes. This program is primarily oriented to the stress-testing against socialized-enterprise network vectors

Tailored security design:
StackOverdrive’s security mix includes the creation and delivery of enterprise-wide monitoring and active audit systems

On-premise and cloud-based infrastructure security management: In addition to its already-long list of values, StackOverdrive’s program delivers comprehensive security expertise enterprise-wide both at the on-premise and cloud level, and specifically AWS infrastructures.

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