As an AWS partner, our AWS experts help organizations learn to utilize AWS products and services tailored specifically to individual needs ranging from; infrastructure design, implementation, and AWS managed services.

AWS Consulting Services include:

AWS Cloud Migrations

Our AWS consultants will assess your existing infrastructure to get an understanding of the nuances of your current stack and create a customized design and strategy to implement your AWS cloud migration via our AWS professional services.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy

Our AWS Infrastructure Design & Strategy Engineers use proven design patterns to ensure we are creating an infrastructure that can easily be maintained, is scalable and secure to meet the demands of your organization. We will design your infrastructure to be 100% codified & automated, making it less error-prone, more reliable and stable.

Universal Scalability

AWS lets you scale globally, on-demand. We architect your infrastructure for high-availability and improved overall performance, offering intrinsic flexibility throughout any enterprise life-cycle.

Multi-platform Operations

We can build your infrastructure using a hybrid approach of seamless connectivity between your internal data centers and your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for sending data upstream, downstream or both.

Uninterrupted Operations

Uptime is of the utmost importance, so we make sure to build out your infrastructure to be self healing. We try to foresee problems before they happen by implementing proper monitoring, introspection and telemetry for a total holistic view of your AWS infrastructure.

Security First

From the start we build out a new AWS infrastructure with security in mind, following the principle of least privilege. In doing so we ensure your infrastructure is secure from external threats but also internal threats like careless engineers deleting something they shouldn’t.

AWS Cost Optimization and Cost Management

Cost Management is a must when utilizing the cloud because if your organization isn’t following the right patterns or paying attention, your AWS cloud costs can easily get out of control. With a cost optimization audit of your infrastructure and implementation, we could help you save an estimated 30%-40% per year.

The Evolving SRE Engagement Model

Build, Test, Deploy, Monitor & Managed Support on AWS