StackOverdrive designs and builds infrastructure to maximize maintainability, scalability, and security for your organization. The two axes to our approach are our Continuous Delivery Model of infrastructure, and DevOps Design Patterns.

How StackOverdrive drives agility

Total codification and automation of your infrastructure provides you and your team a completely repeatable process for deploying and managing infrastructure. Instead of spending time analyzing every change in the abstract, and wondering if it will break your production, your team can freely experiment, build, and deploy once they know it is ready.

StackOverdrive will help you by setting up the automation and training your team to work with it. StackOverdrive will also recommend and set up introspection/monitoring so that your team can actually know what is going on with new and existing infrastructure.

StackOverdrive empowers your organization with Design Patterns

StackOverdrive builds with design patterns. In part, this means that we use technologies, and patterns of technologies that we have used before to good effect. For example, we can quickly and effectively set up a Kubernetes cluster to run your services. Much more important to us, and to your engineering organization is that these patterns are documented, easily understandable, and fit together to make a coherent whole. [See a DevOps case study here of Kubernetes + VPCs + Continuous Integration driving faster time to market for an Insurance platform client].

Our use of patterns ultimately makes it faster for us to deliver work to you, and faster for your team to understand, operate, and change the infrastructure as needed. That coherence means when you do change things – in the middle of the night or not – you can do so with ease and confidence.

Driving excellence with the StackOverdrive Patterns + Automation approach

Another benefit of the StackOverdrive patterns + automation approach is that your team can know what the state of the infrastructure is or was at any given time. This means that you can see what was live, what changed when something changed, and understand the impact of what happened. This means your engineers can both conduct more effective retrospectives on incidents, and plan and design infrastructure based on controlled experiments and live metrics and readings from known states of infrastructure. This creates a virtuous cycle of engineering improvement, speed of iteration, and predictability of results.

Driving Security with the StackOverdrive Patterns + Automation approach

With automation and configuration management, you get a controlled environment where you can manage security with confidence:

  • Every single thing in your infrastructure will be traceable to a piece of code; shadow infrastructure can be identified and destroyed
  • Security testing is possible with a setup identical to production
  • A total view of your infrastructure allows for coherent security analysis, rather than layering band-aids over your technology stack
  • By making all infrastructure intentional, you can minimize the attack surface of your infrastructure.

StackOverdrive is your total Devops transformation partner

StackOverdrive works with many organizations and teams, which allows us to bring you the patterns that are proven to work again and again to make your infrastructure resilient, cost-effective, and secure; and to make your team agile, confident, and effective.