We are an official Kubernetes Service Partner

StackOverdrive’s Kubernetes consulting services allow developers to manage cluster-based container systems quickly and efficiently. This fifth-generation capability allows an intrinsic ability to normalize, and standardize, clustered infrastructures on-demand, thereby overcoming numerous weaknesses associated with previous multi-nodal configurations.

Our Kubernetes experts educate and help clients implement infrastructure development by applying associated products and processes, driven by the delivery of seamless interactivity extending from selection and spin-up to after-care Kubernetes support, solutions, and management services

Kubernetes Consulting Services Include:

K8 Cluster Auditing

To the engineers at StackOverdrive, having visibility into how a K8s cluster with so many moving parts runs is of utmost importance. From Improper configurations, pod scaling issues, etc… Our Kubernetes Experts will review your K8s configuration to make sure you’re following Kubernetes security and configuration best practices to make sure your clusters are production-ready.

Kubernetes Infrastructure Design

Our Kubernetes consultants build your Kubernetes clusters using proven design patterns we have used to good effect.

Your infrastructure design will consist of:

  • Configuration management
  • Shared services components
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Secrets management
  • Monitoring, logging & telemetry

Centralized Infrastructure as Code

We have deployed Kubernetes for organizations of all sizes and have been able to automate the deployment of however many clusters they need, from a single set of repositories, with no code duplication. By making sure your clusters all function the same way is the best way to utilize your DevOps resources and maintain your containers in the organization.

Platform Agnostic

No matter what your organization’s requirements, by utilizing our Kubernetes consulting services we can deploy your Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premise platforms like VMware, Nutanix, OpenShift & OpenStack.

Implementation of your K8 Infrastructure

Our Kubernetes engineers will set up frameworks for spinning up a production-grade infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise, that is highly available and built with all of the components necessary to operate and monitor at scale, no matter how big or small your organization is.

Kubernetes Managed Support

Once your K8 clusters are in production our team can provide 24/7 Kubernetes managed support for your Kubernetes infrastructure.