We are an official Kubernetes Service Partner

StackOverdrive’s Kubernetes consulting services offer Kubernetes processing, representing robust, Google-designed solutions that allow developers to manage cluster-based container systems quickly and efficiently. This fifth-generation capability allows an intrinsic ability to normalize, and standardize, clustered infrastructures on-demand, thereby overcoming numerous weaknesses associated with previous multi-nodal configurations.

StackOverdrive’s Kubernetes experts educate, and help client’s implement infrastructure development by applying associated products and processes, driven by the delivery of seamless interactivity extending from selection and spin-up, to after-care Kubernetes support and management services.

StackOverdrive / Kubernetes Consulting values include:

Universal Applicability

No matter what a client organization requires, StackOverdrive / Kubernetes programs provide for enhanced, end-to-end cluster, and/or container development.

Rapid Spin Up

The StackOverdrive / Kubernetes model applies directly to extendable multi-nodal operations calling for straightforward implementation. This means that, beyond providing for more transparent employment, our approach also marginalizes legacy obstructions throughout an enterprises’ infrastructure constellation.

Minimal Resources Footprint

The StackOverdrive / Kubernetes model allows for all-scale processing since its toolsets require a minimum of platform resource handling. This means that our approach allows customers to apply cutting-edge technology, without the need for highly-robust infrastructure dependencies.

Marginalized Cost

The StackOverdrive / Kubernetes model drives costs down whether they are applied on the basis of an initial system spin-up, or at the end of a active operational chain. This comprehensive approach reduces end-to-end operational and support costs.


Improper configurations, pod scaling issues etc…. Our Kubernetes Experts will review and optimize your K8 configuration to make sure your Kubernetes clusters are production ready.