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Puppet's configuration management tools are one of the original industry standards for automating software delivery and operations. Using a common language, Puppet allows you to define what your apps and your infrastructure should look like, while making it easy to test and share the changes you want to make, across your stack.

Our highly skilled Puppet Consulting Experts work with Puppet’s open source projects, which are based in Ruby and free to use, as well as Puppet Enterprise, Puppet’s paid solution for automatic software delivery, operation, and security.

Benefits of using Puppet DevOps:

Continuous Security We work with Puppet Enterprise to define and enforce your organization’s security configurations, address security vulnerabilities, and make security compliance a snap.

Integration with DevOps In combination with our Puppet DevOps practices, our Engineers use Puppet automation in order to deliver your software’s technological changes better and faster.

Cloud Management Puppet Enterprise is integrated with cloud services providers including Amazon, Microsoft, VMware, OpenStack, and Google. Whether your business already uses one of these providers or is in process with cloud migration, our developers can use Puppet to streamline management across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Visualization and Reporting After you’ve made changes to your infrastructure, you’ll surely want to see their impact. Our highly skilled Puppet Consultants will use the platform to offer you insight into the deployment and effects of the changes you’ve made, while making it easy to demonstrate your organization’s security compliance.

Adopt New Technology Puppet is a go-to tool making it easy for your organization to adopt new technologies, with higher efficiency and lower rates of error.


Puppet can help your business deliver faster, with improved reliability. We want to help you make that happen. Call 1-844-733-8677 or fill out the form below and get in touch with one of our Puppet Consulting Experts.

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