Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery (CD) is the natural next step after Continuous Integration. The most efficient, reliable way to get any and all software changes into production, the Continuous Delivery engineering approach makes releasing software secure, reliable, and low-risk.... Read More Cloud Migration StackOverdrive/AWS cloud-migration services create tailored solutions driven by a client’s desire to translate on-premise applications and datastores, to various cloud-based infrastructures. Our collaborative, phase-based approach provides the client with immediate results in the form of enhanced scalability, extended operational performance, and... Read More Auto Scaling ... Read More Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) is an industry standard management/organizational practice in which developers merge code into a shared repository several times daily, thereby detecting problems early. A key component of agile development, practicing Continuous Integration reduces your organization’s exposure to risk, as the system is predicated ... Read More Automated Monitoring

StackOverdrive’s service mix offers the setup, initiation and management of various automated monitors; that ensure that system operations maintain optimal performance. In the event, these monitors track, identify, target and log active events that can trigger active remedial actions by the user or consultant, or simply store requisite passive... Read More Infrastructure Automation Consulting

The move from the “Iron Age” to the “Cloud Era” meant that we now can treat infrastructure as software. Infrastructure Automation refers to exactly that: Treating infrastructure as code. This means your infrastructure and its configuration run as scripts, or sets of scripts, that replicate the environment in a much faster manner, resulti... Read More 

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